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Job Placement Rates: What Reddit Users Are Saying

Last Updated on October 4, 2023


Job placement rates are crucial for coding bootcamps as they directly reflect the success of these programs.

In this blog post, we will delve into the opinions of Reddit users to gain insights into the job placement rates of coding bootcamps.

Reddit, a popular online community, provides a platform for users to candidly share their experiences, making it an ideal source to gauge the opinions of individuals regarding job placement rates.

By gathering these insights, we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape of job placement rates in coding bootcamps according to Reddit users.

Through their testimonials, we can determine whether coding bootcamps are effectively preparing participants for successful employment in the tech industry.

Furthermore, exploring Reddit users’ perspectives will enable us to uncover trends and common experiences, offering valuable information for those considering enrolling in coding bootcamps.

By focusing on the opinions expressed by Reddit users, we can gauge their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the job placement rates offered by coding bootcamps.

Their firsthand accounts will help both aspiring coders and coding bootcamp providers make informed decisions based on the experiences of others.

In this blog section, we will examine the insights shared by Reddit users, shedding light on the job placement rates of coding bootcamps and their impact on participants’ career prospects.

Through an active voice and concise sentences, we will present a well-rounded perspective on this crucial topic.

So, let’s dive into the world of Reddit users’ opinions on job placement rates!

Overview of Reddit and its significance in discussions

Reddit is a popular online community where users can engage in discussions, share content, and vote on submissions.

It has gained immense popularity due to its diverse user base and wide range of topics covered.

With over 430 million monthly active users, Reddit has become an influential platform for sharing opinions and seeking information.

Its significance lies in the fact that it provides a space for people from different backgrounds, interests, and perspectives to come together and participate in discussions.

The relevance of Reddit in capturing a wide range of opinions is evident in its vast number of communities known as “subreddits.”

These subreddits are dedicated to specific topics and enable users to engage in focused discussions.

As a result, Reddit provides a platform that encourages diverse opinions and enables users to explore different perspectives.

Why is Reddit popular?

  1. Wide range of topics: Reddit covers almost every topic imaginable, from technology and politics to hobbies and entertainment.

    It caters to the diverse interests of its users, making it a one-stop platform for information and discussions.

  2. User anonymity: Reddit allows users to create accounts without revealing their identity.

    This anonymity fosters a safe environment for users to express their opinions openly without fear of judgment or repercussion.

  3. Upvoting and downvoting system: One of Reddit’s unique features is its voting system, where users can upvote or downvote content and comments.

    This system allows the most popular and valuable content to rise to the top, ensuring that quality discussions are prioritized.

  4. Moderation and community guidelines: Each subreddit has its own set of rules and moderators who enforce them.

    This ensures that discussions remain civil and respectful, making Reddit a conducive platform for meaningful conversations.

  5. Real-time updates: Reddit thrives on the latest news and trends.

    Users can find up-to-date information and engage in discussions about current events as they unfold.

  6. AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions: Reddit hosts AMA sessions where notable individuals, such as celebrities and experts, answer questions from the community.

    This provides a unique opportunity for users to interact directly with influential personalities.

The credibility of Reddit

  1. Transparency: Reddit encourages transparency by displaying the number of upvotes and downvotes each post or comment receives.

    This allows users to gauge the popularity and credibility of the content.

  2. Peer moderation: Reddit heavily relies on its community to moderate discussions.

    Users can report inappropriate or misleading content, and moderators take action accordingly.

    This self-regulation ensures a certain level of credibility and trust within the community.

  3. Source verification: In discussions, users often provide sources to back up their claims.

    By citing reliable sources, Reddit users contribute to the credibility and accuracy of the information shared.

  4. Expert communities: Many subreddits are dedicated to specific fields such as science, finance, and technology.

    These communities often attract experts who provide valuable insights and information, increasing the credibility of discussions within those subreddits.

  5. Reddiquette: Reddit has its own set of guidelines called “Reddiquette,” which promotes respectful behavior, encourages constructive discussions, and discourages spam or self-promotion.

    Adhering to these guidelines enhances the credibility of interactions on the platform.

Most importantly, Reddit is a popular online community that holds significant relevance and credibility for capturing a wide range of opinions.

Its diverse user base, extensive topic coverage, and unique features make it a valuable platform for engaging in discussions, seeking information, and exploring different perspectives.

Through transparency, peer moderation, and the presence of expert communities, Reddit maintains its credibility as a space for meaningful conversations.

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Explanation of the method used to gather Reddit users’ feedback

Identifying relevant Reddit threads and comments

Used keyword searches related to job placement rates and coding bootcamps to find relevant discussions.

Filtered results by relevance, number of upvotes, and recent activity to ensure the threads were current and popular.

Read through the threads and comments to identify the most insightful and informative feedback from users.

Researching a variety of coding bootcamps

Conducted extensive online research to identify a diverse range of coding bootcamps from different regions.

Considered factors such as reputation, course curriculum, alumni success stories, and job placement rates.

Reviewed each bootcamp’s website, blog articles, and social media to gather information about their program and outcomes.

Looked for statistics and testimonials related to job placement rates and career outcome

Overall, the method used to gather Reddit users’ feedback on job placement rates involved searching for relevant threads and comments using specific keywords, and then evaluating the quality and relevance of the information shared by users.

Additionally, diverse coding bootcamps were researched using various online sources to gather data on job placement rates and gain a comprehensive understanding of different programs.

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Summary of the most common opinions expressed by Reddit users

Job placement rates are a crucial factor for individuals considering attending bootcamps to enter the job market.

To gain insight into this topic, I explored various discussions on Reddit.

Here’s a summary of the most common opinions expressed by Reddit users regarding job placement rates at bootcamps.

Positive Reviews

  1. Many users shared their success stories, highlighting how bootcamps helped them secure employment quickly.

    They praised the programs’ intensive nature and practical approach, which prepared them for real-world job challenges.

  2. Users appreciated the extensive network and connections that bootcamps provided.

    They mentioned how these connections helped them find job opportunities that they may not have discovered otherwise.

  3. Some users mentioned that bootcamps offered career services, such as resume-building workshops and interview preparation, making them more competitive in the job market.

  4. Several Reddit users mentioned that bootcamps often focus on in-demand skills, giving them an edge when applying for jobs in growing industries like technology and data science.

Negative Experiences and Concerns

  1. A recurring concern was the lack of accreditation for bootcamps.

    Some users worried that employers may not value the credentials received from these programs, raising doubts about their job prospects.

  2. Some users expressed disappointment with the job placement rates promised by bootcamps.

    They felt that the advertised numbers were inflated and did not reflect the reality for most graduates.

  3. Reddit users highlighted the importance of thoroughly researching bootcamps before enrolling.

    They cautioned against attending programs that lacked transparency or had a history of poor job placement rates.

  4. Several users mentioned that bootcamps often prioritize quantity over quality, admitting a large number of students without ensuring personalized attention or successful outcomes for each individual.

In short, Reddit users shared a range of opinions regarding job placement rates at bootcamps.

While some users had positive experiences, successfully finding employment after completing the programs, others expressed concerns about the lack of accreditation and inflated job placement statistics.

It is crucial for individuals considering bootcamps to gather all available information, thoroughly research the program of interest, and consider personal goals and expectations before making a decision.

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Job Placement Rates What Reddit Users Are Saying

Discussion of factors that influence job placement rates

Job placement rates are influenced by various key factors that play a crucial role in determining the success of graduates.

These factors include curriculum quality, instructor expertise, and career services.

Insights shared by Reddit users provide valuable perspectives on these factors and shed light on their significance.

1. Curriculum Quality

A well-designed curriculum is essential for preparing students for job placements.

Reddit users emphasize the importance of relevant and up-to-date course content that aligns with industry requirements.

They often express frustration when outdated or irrelevant topics are included, which can hinder their chances of finding suitable employment.

2. Instructor Expertise

The expertise and qualifications of instructors greatly impact job placement rates.

Redditors value knowledgeable and experienced instructors who can effectively teach practical skills and provide industry insights.

They appreciate instructors who go beyond theory and provide real-world examples, as this enhances their employability and improves job prospects.

3. Career Services

The quality and effectiveness of career services offered by educational institutions play a significant role in job placements.

Reddit users highlight the importance of career fairs, job placement assistance, and networking opportunities.

They actively seek support from career advisors who can guide them through the job search process and help them secure employment in their desired fields.

4. Alumni Networks

Engagement with alumni networks can directly influence job placement rates.

Reddit users often mention the significance of alumni connections in finding job opportunities.

Access to alumni networks can provide valuable industry contacts, mentorship, and job referrals, which can greatly enhance job placement prospects.

5. Internship Opportunities

Internships serve as a bridge between education and the workforce. Reddit users frequently discuss the impact of internships on job placements.

They emphasize the value of hands-on experience gained through internships, as it not only enhances skills but also allows students to establish professional contacts and potentially secure job offers from their internship providers.

6. Industry Partnerships

Collaboration between educational institutions and industry partners is crucial for ensuring relevant and in-demand skill development.

Reddit users often highlight the significance of partnerships that offer internship placements, job shadowing opportunities, and guest lectures from industry experts.

Such partnerships provide students with exposure to real workplace scenarios and increase their chances of securing employment.

7. Reputation and Accreditation

The reputation and accreditation status of educational institutions can impact job placement rates.

Reddit users frequently discuss the perceived value of degrees from certain institutions and the influence it may have on employers during the hiring process.

A strong reputation and recognized accreditation can often open doors for graduates and improve their job placement prospects.

8. Soft Skills Development

Employers increasingly value soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities.

Reddit users recognize the importance of developing these skills alongside technical expertise.

They emphasize the need for educational institutions to incorporate opportunities for soft skill development, as it significantly impacts job placements and long-term career success

In review, various factors influence job placement rates, as discussed by Reddit users.

Curriculum quality, instructor expertise, career services, alumni networks, internship opportunities, industry partnerships, reputation, accreditation, and soft skills development are all crucial elements that impact graduates’ employability.

Consistently addressing and improving these factors can significantly enhance job placement rates and ensure successful transitions from education to the workforce.

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Analysis of specific coding bootcamps mentioned by Reddit users

In this section, we will analyze specific coding bootcamps mentioned by Reddit users.

We will provide an overview of well-known coding bootcamps discussed on Reddit and highlight key comments regarding job placement rates for each bootcamp.

1. Flatiron School

Several Reddit users mentioned Flatiron School as a reputable coding bootcamp.

Comments suggested that the job placement rates for graduates of Flatiron School were high.

One user stated, “Flatiron School helped me land a job within a month of completing the program.”

Another user mentioned, “I had a positive experience with Flatiron School’s job placement support.”

2. General Assembly

General Assembly was frequently mentioned by Reddit users as a popular coding bootcamp.

According to comments, General Assembly has a good reputation for job placement rates.

One user shared, “I graduated from General Assembly and found a job in my field immediately.”

Another user mentioned, “General Assembly’s career advising was instrumental in helping me secure a job.”

3. Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor was mentioned as a rigorous coding bootcamp with a strong emphasis on job placement.

Reddit users praised Hack Reactor for its high job placement rates for graduates.

One comment read, “I attended Hack Reactor and was able to secure a job within a few weeks of completing the program.”

Another user stated, “Hack Reactor’s focus on networking greatly contributed to my job placement success.”

4. App Academy

App Academy was recommended by several Reddit users as a coding bootcamp with excellent job placement rates.

Comments highlighted the intensive curriculum and strong job search support at App Academy.

One user mentioned, “App Academy’s strict curriculum prepared me well for job interviews.”

Another comment read, “App Academy’s job placement team helped me find multiple job opportunities.”

5. Turing School

Turing School was mentioned as a coding bootcamp known for its job placement success.

Reddit users praised the comprehensive curriculum and job assistance at Turing School.

One comment stated, “Turing School’s job placement rate is exceptional, and I secured a job within weeks.”

Another user shared, “Turing School’s industry connections opened doors for job opportunities.”

Based on comments from Reddit users, there are several well-known coding bootcamps with positive job placement rates.

Flatiron School and General Assembly were mentioned frequently, with users expressing satisfaction with the support they received in finding employment.

Hack Reactor, App Academy, and Turing School were also praised for their job placement success and curriculum quality.

If you are considering attending a coding bootcamp, it is important to research the specific programs mentioned by Reddit users and evaluate their job placement rates.

Reading reviews and reaching out to alumni can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of a bootcamp’s job placement support.

Comparison of job placement rates between bootcamps

In the world of career development, bootcamps have gained popularity as a quick and intensive way to acquire new skills.

However, one crucial aspect that potential bootcamp students consider is the job placement rates.

These rates vary significantly across different bootcamps, as highlighted by Reddit users in their discussions.

Let’s delve into the differences in job placement rates mentioned by Reddit users and explore possible reasons for these variations.

1. Codecademy

Reddit user A praised Codecademy for achieving a high job placement rate of 90%.

Another user B, mentioned that the bootcamp’s strong network of industry connections enhances job prospects.

The well-structured curriculum and hands-on projects are believed to contribute to the high placement rate.

2. Flatiron School Coding Academy

Reddit user C shared their disappointment with Flatiron School Coding Academy, which boasted a lower job placement rate of 70%.

User C speculated that the outdated curriculum and lack of real-world application hindered graduates’ employability.

The coding academy’s limited industry partnerships could also be a contributing factor.

3. Georgia Institute of Technology

Reddit user D expressed satisfaction with Georgia Institute of Technology job placement rate of 85%.

User D attributed the high rate to the bootcamp’s focus on in-demand programming languages and technologies.

The intensive career services provided by Georgia Institute of Technology, including resume building and interview preparation, were also mentioned as contributing factors.

4. App Academy

Reddit user E raised concerns about App Academy job placement rate, which was mentioned to be around 50%.

E speculated that a lack of personalized mentorship and individualized support might be impacting graduates’ success.

The coding school’s failure to adapt its curriculum to evolving industry demands could also be a factor.

The variations in job placement rates among bootcamps can be attributed to several factors:

1. Curriculum Relevance

Bootcamps that offer up-to-date and industry-relevant curriculum tend to see higher placement rates.

Real-world projects, case studies, and practical assignments can better prepare students for job market expectations.

2. Industry Partnerships

Strong ties with companies and organizations in the industry can lead to increased job opportunities for bootcamp graduates.

Guest lectures, internships, and job fairs facilitated by these partnerships enhance students’ exposure to potential employers.

3. Career Services

Bootcamps that provide comprehensive career services, such as resume assistance and mock interviews, contribute to better job placement rates.

Personalized mentorship and guidance throughout the job search process can also significantly impact graduates’ success.

4. Alumni Network

An active and supportive alumni network can play a crucial role in connecting graduates with job opportunities.

Networking events organized by bootcamps allow alumni to build professional relationships and access job referrals.

Bootcamps with higher job placement rates actively address these factors to improve graduates’ employability.

As prospective students, it is essential to consider not only the content of the curriculum but also the support services and industry connections offered by bootcamps.

Basically, Reddit users have highlighted significant differences in job placement rates among bootcamps.

Factors such as curriculum relevance, industry partnerships, career services, and alumni networks contribute to these variations.

Prospective bootcamp students should carefully evaluate these aspects to make an informed decision about the bootcamp that aligns best with their career goals.

Consideration of other factors affecting job placement rates

When discussing job placement rates, it is important to consider factors beyond the control of bootcamps.

These factors include market demand and location, which can greatly influence the success of job placement.

Reddit users’ perspectives on these factors can also shape their opinions on job placement rates.

Market demand

Market demand plays a crucial role in job placement rates.

If there is high demand for certain skills, job placement rates are likely to be higher.

Conversely, if there is low demand, job placement rates might suffer.

Reddit users are aware of the importance of market demand in determining job placement rates.

They often discuss which skills are in demand and how bootcamps are adapting to meet those needs.


The geographical location of a bootcamp can also impact job placement rates.

Certain cities or regions may have more job opportunities in specific industries.

Reddit users often share their experiences based on location.

They discuss whether attending a bootcamp in a particular location increased their chances of finding a job.

Some users believe that relocating to a city with better job prospects is necessary for career success.

Reddit users’ perspectives on these factors

Reddit users’ perspectives on market demand vary.

Some users believe that bootcamps should only focus on teaching skills in high demand.

Others argue that job placement rates should not solely rely on market trends.

They believe that a bootcamp’s curriculum and teaching methods play a significant role.

When it comes to location, Reddit users often have differing opinions.

Some believe that certain cities offer better job prospects, while others think it depends on the industry.

Job placement rates cannot be solely attributed to bootcamps. Factors like market demand and location must be taken into account.

Reddit users’ perspectives on these factors shape their opinions on job placement rates.

It is crucial to consider these external factors when evaluating the success of bootcamp job placement programs.


Reddit users’ opinions on job placement rates vary greatly.

Some users claim to have had success finding jobs after attending coding bootcamps, while others express frustration with the lack of employment opportunities.

It is important to consider multiple perspectives when researching coding bootcamps and their job placement rates.

By taking into account a wide range of experiences, individuals can make more informed decisions about which bootcamp may be the right fit for their career goals.

It is crucial to research not only the overall job placement rate but also the specific outcomes and success stories of graduates.

The importance of considering multiple perspectives is evident in the diverse experiences shared by Reddit users.

While some users found their coding bootcamp education to be a valuable stepping stone to their desired career, others felt misled by unrealistic job placement promises.

It is also important to recognize that job placement rates may not be solely determined by the bootcamp itself.

Factors such as an individual’s prior experience, networking skills, and location can also impact job opportunities.

By considering the range of opinions and experiences shared by Reddit users, aspiring coding bootcamp students can gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions.

It is essential to thoroughly research and evaluate different bootcamps, considering not only their job placement rates but also the specific support and resources they offer to increase employment prospects.

With careful consideration, individuals can increase their chances of finding success in the competitive job market after completing a coding bootcamp.

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